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I am not sure if you are the right person to ask on this particular problem I am having but i cannot find anyone so ill give it a shot. I am a 22 year old male and I am still a virgin. I am a tall and handsome guy but I have struggled with confidence issues and shyness in my early and late teens. The fact that I am still a virgin is preventing me from getting girls now because I am embarrassed and ashamed. I was wondering if I should tell the girls before hand or if that will make them lose interest in me right away. How should I handle this situation, it feels like a massive weight on my shoulders which gets bigger every day.

Any advice would be a great help.

Thanks for reading.


Hi Dave,

There is nothing for you to be ashamed of or embarrassed by.  There are a lot more 22 year old virgins out there than you might think.  Guys tend to brag about their sexual powers and conquests even if they have none.  So, don't compare yourself to what other guys are saying.

If you are still having shyness or self confidence issues, that is what you should address.  Since you are a healthy, good looking guy confidence will erase all of your other concerns and get you laid.  Don't tell them anything.  Date women in your age group and you will find virgins there too.

There are a ton of books and dvds that can give all the how too as far as sex goes.  On my web site I have written an article on the female orgasm that may help you understand a little about being a great lover.  On my site you will also find the Intimate Couple Store with a lot of books and dvds.  Kama Sutra and Joy of Sex are good reads.  Also on that site you will find a link to some great self hypnosis programs to help you with confidence, especially sexual confidence.   Take a look at

Good luck,

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