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Hello. I hope you can help me...this is rather embarrassing. I am a 53-year-old reasonably healthy woman (I smoke), 4'10", about 110 pounds. My boyfriend is 45, smokes, and is 6', 240 pounds. The last 2 times I performed oral sex on him (yes, I swallow), his semen tasted "odd." Also, within an hour after the act, I got minor stomach cramps, and then loose bowels. Not bad diarehha, but 1 or 2 runny voids...and then the stomach cramp went away. I am now worried that the runs and cramps were somehow related to the oral sex. (I have never experienced this problem before.) Shortly before these 2 sex episodes (which were about 1 week apart), my boyfriend ran out of his usual vitamins and started a new, different brand. I am wondering if perhaps the new vitamins he is now taking are causing this reaction in me? I mean, wouldn't some of his vitamins get into me through oral sex? I have not mentioned this to my boyfriend. Thank you in advance for any help, advice, or suggestions you could offer me. (PS: I have panic disorder, so please...don't frighten me with a scary answer, if you follow me!) Oh, and PPS: My boyfriend and I also smoke pot.
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I've never heard of what you describe. It seems doubtful that some small chemical emitted in semen could affect your digestion within an hour, but I can't say it's impossible that something in his semen is affecting you.  You could try not swallowing for a while and see if it makes any difference.

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