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So I am interested in improving my oral skills on men. I have a couple of questions and was hoping for some advice. My boyfriend really likes oral and I want it to be good for him. But I have a couple of issues.One, my mouth is on the smaller side so I can't get as much of the penis in to please him and I worry about my teeth getting in the way too which I have been told in the past has been a problem for me and makes it less pleasant. And that is the opposite of what I want to do. Two, when i do tey deep throating it triggers my gag reflex and as humiliating as it is to admit that has resulted in me throwing up more then one albeit not on my current boyfriend. Is there a way to train myself to be able to tolerate it more? Would trying to numv my throat help? And three, i have taste buds very sensitive to tastes and textures ... salty and slimey can also trigger my gag reflex (i cant swallow most shellfish for eexample). Is there something i can suck on or eat before hand that might help? Mints or cough drops or something else? Thank you for your help and advice.

ANSWER: You don't sound like a good candidate for performing fellatio.  1) Your mouth is too small.  2) It makes you vomit.  3) You don't like the taste.  Those are all reasons not to perform oral sex.  I can't imagine you enjoy it at all.

If I were you, I would find a partner who is most interested in vaginal intercourse and who isn't particularly eager to have oral sex.  Whatever you do, don't use mints before performing oral sex, because mint can cause a burning feeling on the penis.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I think that you have misunderstood and jumped to some incorrect conclusions. Here, I will enlighten you.

First,I actually enjoy giving BJs for a number of reasons, among them is how much of a huge turn on it is to be able to give my boyfriend such an experience that he enjoys so much. So, you assuming that just because someone asks how to improve something about oral sex means that they don't like giving it, is not at all correct and rather a naive conclusion to jump to actually.

Second, if I didn't enjoy it or it was so horrific, then I wouldn't do it period. I am quite comfortable with my own hard limits. And in that case, I wouldn't have asked the question to improve it since there would be no point.

Third, I only vomit when deep throating, not every time I give a BJ. There are different forms of BJs and deep throating is only one of them or a part of the process but not a necessity, but as a self-proclaimed expert on oral sex, you must, of course, already know this. So I was specifically asking for help to improve deep throating, not other BJs.

Fourth, the gag reflex is essentially made up of muscles in the throat being triggered. And as all muscles in the body can be trained, so can these. So I was asking if you knew of any suggestions in doing so.

Fifth, clearly the taste of cum and how to manipulate it is a question that many people are curios about, since by simply googling it, one can see a plethora of different articles and sites and blogs all about such things. And I have read several. And although they lack scientific evidence to support many claims (not a lot of money going into research), there are several consistent theories. But most of these focus on what the man or woman can do to improve the taste of their own fluids, but less about what the giver of the oral sex could do to prepare their own mouths to help make it more pleasant for themselves. That is why I asked here on And the taste is tolerable, just not great, so I was asking you for suggestions as how one might do that.

Sixth, some men actually enjoy the sensation of mints on the penis. There are some great fetish experts on this site that I am sure would be willing to help expand you knowledge base on such matters.

Seventh, I wasn't asking whether or not you thought I should give BJs. I was asking whether you had any suggestions to improve what I already do well and enjoy. Which as it turns out, the real answer to my question for those who are curious, is that no, you do not have any suggestions for improving what I am already doing in the very specific situations that I mentioned.

Eight, telling or even implying that one should leave their significant other for the simple reason of a BJ is both naive and rather heartless, and definitely does not even come close to acknowledging the full breadth of a meaningful relationship with someone.

Nine, I actually have a quite healthy vaginal sexual relationship with my boyfriend, but we do like variety and exploration. Your assumption that because I was asking for ways to improve my oral skills must mean that I don't have a vaginal sex life with my boyfriend is also a very naive and incorrect conclusion to jump to.

What did you say your PhD was in again?!

I'm happy for you, but you obviously know more about fellatio than I do.  I might not be the one to answer your questions.  My next thought was to suggest flavored, unlubricated condoms, which are made especially for fellatio.  But I suspect you wouldn't like that suggestion.  Yes, I know some men like mint (or cinnamon) on the penis, but I was just playing the percentages and opining that more wouldn't like it than would.  

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