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So i have a boyfriend, we love each other very much and this last time he knew I was on my period but he still wanted to have sex. I tried to discourage him from doing it because I just thougt it might be disgusting, repulsive or something like that for a guy, but he still wanted to do it, so I just carried on. During sex he started going down on me and I just couldn't believe it because i always thought (and I still do) that this must be disgusting for a guy when the girl is on her period. Although, it was my last day, but still. So why did he want it so much?

Most males don't mind having intercourse when a female is on her period.  That part isn't at all surprising.  Most males don't want to perform cunnilingus on a female when she has her period.  Since your boyfriend did, maybe it's a turnon for him to do it to you on your period.  Since you now suspect this, you shouldn't be surprised when he wants to do it again next month.

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