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Okay, I have a man and we have amazing sexual chemistry. He is the best kisser and he knows how to please a woman. But now, all he want is for me to give him a blow job. That's it. He doesn't care if I have my clothes on or not. He has never paid much attention to my breasts. He has made me come a couple of times with his hand. He is really good. he puts a couple of fingers inside me with his knuckles stimulates my clit and wow! So he knows how to do it but he won't. He can't get it up enough to have intercourse. But he could kiss me and give me affection but he won't. He just wants a blow job. I keep hoping he'll do me, but he won't. SO I challenged him. I said, are you a real man? A real man enjoys pleasing a woman and satisfying her. Can you do it? Are you a real man? You have one week and then I'm going out to my other home and I dont' know when I'm coming back. And then I say, maybe you're too old. He's 62. And the last 2 times, I wasn't able to make him come so he gets out a vibrator!! And then I leave. But he doesn't want me to. Is there any hope for me?  I also asked him: Do you remember how to do it? Show me. If you're a real man, you'll show me.

Does a man enjoy a challenge? Would he stand up to the challenge or run away?

Hi Madeline,

OK, so challenging him to be a man is probably not a great idea.  Starting at age oh 4o or so men start loosing testosterone.  Some times by the age of 60 or so there is very little in our system.  Testosterone is as vital to a man as estrogen is to a woman.  With low testosterone o sex drive dwindles our ability to perform drops off, we get moody and depressed.

The good news is that it can be easily replaced.   Ask him to see a doctor have his testosterone levels checked.  They need to be at least 300.  Higher is better.

Tell him that a man who knows all about low T told you about it.  Improve that and he will feel more like a man than he has in years.  Testosterone and Viagra will make a man out of any guy.


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