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What is the name of those small bumps that are sometimes seen the areola of a women's breast around the nipple and what causes them to appear?

I thank you for your reply.

ANSWER: They are Montgomery glands, also called areolar glands.  They are normal.   They secrete a lubricating liquid.  They tend to become more prominent during pregnancy.  They don't hurt anything, and I don't think there's anything a woman can do about them if she doesn't like them.

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I want to thank you for the reply.

Do these bumps come and go away or are they always there on the areola once they occur?

They are probably always there, but they appear more prominent at certain times of life (e.g., pregnancy).  As I mentioned, they don't hurt anything.  They are something to be lived with rather than desired or feared.  Many people don't even pay attention to them at all.  

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