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So my boyfriend and I have been sexually active for a few months now. It was almost impossible for me to reach orgasm in missionary so we decided to start with me on top so I could finish and then we'd switch to missionary because it was easier for him to finish. Lately he's been finishing with me on top and before I can finish. So I'm still wanting to go and he's done. I'm left frustrated and sexually aggitated. I've talking to him about using toys because I know I can take a bit to orgasm but he didn't seem to keen on the idea and we both aren't too experienced in this. I'm not entirely sure what to say. He's asked me what he can do and I want to tell him to go down and finish the job but I don't want to sound mean. Maybe some insight from an outside source can help ☺ Thanks!!

I really liked your earlier plan of you finishing first and then switching to missionary so he can reach orgasm.  Why was that arrangement changed?  It seemed to be working for both of you.  Maybe you could remind him that it feels really good for a man to thrust into the vagina of a woman who's just had an orgasm.

If he persists in not letting you reach orgasm before he does, then maybe you could masturbate close to orgasm before starting intercourse so it doesn't take as long; or maybe it's time for a different boyfriend.

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