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QUESTION: A friend of mine has been having some issues with receiving blowjobs from his girlfriend.  After school today, we were talking and he told me that he will go down on her but she won't go down on him.  I told him to let me see his penis and his balls.  His eyes got huge and I told him again to let me see his penis and balls.  He drops his pants to the floor and opens his boxer fly and shows me his penis and his ball sack.  I reach up and pulled his boxers all the way down.  His whole area is trimmed and his sack is shaved.  I asked if she has kissed or licked anything down there and he said no.  I guess with him with his pants and boxers down and with me infront of him it was exciting.  His penis started to get hard.  I joked and said "It looks like it's excited to see me."  We laughed.  I didn't even touch him.  I thought that it might be that he was bushy but it doesn't look that way.  How can I help him with this issue?

ANSWER: I think you've done enough already.  His girlfriend will perform oral sex on him when she's comfortable with the idea.  I'm not sure what you needed to perform an inspection of him for.  You obviously made him very uncomfortable, and he will probably not be happy about feeling he should tell her about what you did.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My friend and I went over to his girlfriends/ my friends house and talked about what happened.  It turned out that she never gave a blowjob before.  She was afraid of what might happen and what he might think of her.  After he parents left, I showed her what to do using a dildo.  I told her that while giving head not to forget his balls.  Guys like having their balls played with while receiving a blow job.  I told her what I did yesterday and she understands that I wasn't trying to get him or get with him.  We had him pull his shorts and boxers down and I showed her that not all guys are that well groomed.  I left them with her going to try to give her first blowjob.   I  also told her that he should let her know when he is about to cum so she could either let him cum in her mouth or move her mouth away and let him cum where she wants him to.  When I left her room, she was giving a kiss to his dick.

I don't see a question in there for me, but that is a pretty wild story.  Nice that you can all discuss this and be honest.  Most people don't want to talk about sexual things they've done or their fears that their partner is or will be unfaithful.  You seem to have learned a lot about oral sex.

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