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QUESTION: So I have a girlfriend that is on the bigger side and I'm a thinner guy. I was wondering if there is a way that I would be possibly to be more pleasurable to her. In all honesty it feels like I can't get in all the way when I do it from a doggy position. I mean we have tried anal and it works great but I can't bring her to orgasm through vaginal sex. PLEASE HELP!!!

ANSWER: Size doesn't make much of a difference.  It is much more about the angle that you enter a woman from.  Find ways of varying the angle.  It will probably involve one of you being higher than the other.  If the woman is raised with her butt on a pillow, it will make the angle of entry lower.  If you are raised by propping higher, it will make the angle lower.  Practice makes perfect.

Also, many women prefer a position such as rear entry that frees their front so they can masturbate while having intercourse.

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QUESTION: Well would there be a specific position that would be better for me to possibly try?

See how you like cowgirl.  It lets your girlfriend move around however she feels best and is not as dependent on you moving a certain way, or at all.  Let her be in charge and see how you each like it.  Plus, the view is very nice for a man who is having cowgirl performed on him.  

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