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I'm a 24 year old male and have no
experience in the relationship field,
I've never had a girlfriend, I'm
completely oblivious to any kind of
signals, my self esteem is so low
I'm very nervous about having sex that i don't want to ruin the girls night
if she agrees to it and is later
disappointed. and I'm pretty sure
I'm a premature ejaculator considering
that every time i masturbate it takes
about a minute from start to finish.
So here's my question: Should i
Just give up on dating in general? It seems to me that sex is too important of a subject in a relationship so to be bad at it inevitably equals the end of the relationship.

Don't give up now.  You haven't even started.  Find a girl you like and see if she'll go out with you.  Then try to see if she'll have sex.  She will probably be inexperienced like you; and if she isn't, she'd be happy to teach you to make love.  

Don't assume you'll be a premature ejaculator in intercourse just because you masturbate to orgasm quickly.  Intercourse and masturbation are different.

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