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ok me and my friend have a wager going on we saw something off a porn and i think it be dangerous to really do and my friend said she be fine in real life (my wife says the only way she will try this is if some one who knows about this stuff says it safe)

in the porn the girl was deep throating the guy and he forcefully held her head down (so as his hole saft upto his balls was up against the back of her throat) and came hard from the look of it with the amount of stuff she was vomiting up

i said that would probably seriously hurt a person in real life if not kill them

my friend says its all an act and the woman be in no real danger all that really happen is she cough it up and some may come out her nose but no risk of serious harm or death and that this is pure science

your thoughts ?

Porn is not real.  It is fake.  It is made for people to watch.  It is no more real than Bruce Willis breaking an airplane open with his bare hands.

If you think something looks dangerous, it probably is.  Sex can be fun when it is safe and gentle.  Only practice things that are safe and rewarding for both partners.

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