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toylover2013 wrote at 2013-09-13 07:18:01
no not all the time I got a phalage free one and it smell relly bad had to stick it outside cause I got a headache so idk im going to try baking soda method see if that works

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I am studying to become a "Loveologist". I can answer a variety of questions ranging from explaining about each category of toys, "what goes where & why", I can offer you information about how to make one toy compliment another, how to best care for your items. I do seminars and workshops for ladies and couples. I have been working in this field for 5 years now and I can respectfuly tackle whatever issue that is brought before me. No topics are taboo. As humans, we have the right to be informed on how to achieve our optimal sexual selves. And, in all honesty, if there is a subject I am unaware of, I will do the research to find the best answer. I can also give you specific names of toys and where I reccomend that you purchase them.


My husband and I own X's & O's Lingerie and Gift Boutique.


Our mission is to educate and empower ladies and couples to pursue a variety of avenues of sexual satisfaction via the help of relationship enhancements. For over 5 years, we have been fortunate to receive valuable feedback from our customers and those who have sought out our workshops. We have been considered the "Ultimate Romantic Shopping Experience" for couples in Love. Our "Blow Job Class" (yes, you heard correctly) help put a new fresh "twist" on the techniques and grips you may already be using. Humor creates a receptive environment and I heavily forcus on demystifying the male pleasure zones and anatomy. Please feel free to ask whatever questions that I may assist you with.

North County Times Editorial (Easter 2006) Q & A with ME and a few readers from LOCALE MAGAZINE (Jan. 2007) Formerly a Talk Radio DeeJay on Radio Show called "Shut Up & Listen" on KKSM Palomar College Radio. X's & O's Lingerie was featured on the E!Networks show Dr. 90210...we did an informational workshop with "Violet", Dr. Matlocks patient. Be sure to TUNE IN for the occassional re-run if you missed it! ( it originaly was filmed July 23,'07 aired on Oct. 29th,'07) We certainly showed Violet what she and her man had been missing!!!

I am working toward my "Loveologist" Certification. I am also attending mainstream college courses about marriage, Family & Intimacy as well as Human Sexuality. My current GPA is 4.0! My hope is to further pursue this field by either the Radio or perhaps PodCasting as well as in future projects like writing books.

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Out of respect for my customers and friends, I will allow for them to respond with their names if they wish to disclose them. The topics of sex and sexuality are very "ginger" and I recognise the HIPPA laws.

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