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I bought a vibrator from this site online but I lost manual guide . So, please suggest me how can i use this vibrator.


Hi Sara

The best way to use a vibrator is to turn in on and rub it on your clit; depending on the sensitivity of your clit, you will like it soft or hard. Just play around with it and see what you enjoy the most, because everyone is different.


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I can answer almost anything regarding sexual toys and lubricants for women. In my professional life as a clinic psychologist that deals with a variety of sexual issues, I have had experience directing women of all ages to the proper sexual toy that would best suit her. I understand that talking about sexual toys can be a very embarrassing matter, but I am a professional and will help you in any way I can. I have very limited experience in talking about sexual toys for men, but there might be some occasions where I feel I can help choose a toy for a man, or talk about one for a male.


I have been a clinic psychologist in the state of Florida for the past ten years. I have directed numerous women and couples to the proper sexual toys that would best suit their lifestyle.

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