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QUESTION: Trying to replace a dual vibrator for my wife that no longer exists.  She likes the clitoral stimulation but does NOT want a g-spot stimulator.  Just enough to get inside and vibrate powerfully.  Seen anything like this?

ANSWER: Hello Lance,

There are thousands of dual vibrators on the market, so it would be a bit difficult to narrow it down without knowing exactly which one she had before.  Do you know the name of the one she has now and likes?  Even if it is discontinued, the manufacturer may have something similar.  So if I know the make and model I may be able to find something that is nearly the same.


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QUESTION: that's the problem, it broke we no longer have it.  It was flexible.  It had dual bullets in the base were one bullet was for clitoral stimulation and one bullet for vaginal stimulation.  Just looking for a place to start.  She wants some give to the vaginal part so no plastic. No "animal" (butterfly, etc..) part to the clitoral part.  that portion was circular and just had nodules so she could slightly rub it over her clitoris manually.  Helpful?

Hello Lance,

Thank you for your question and I'm glad you came back.

It is still a little hard for me to know which one she may have had, but let me take a stab at it and we may be able to narrow it down.  I'll play detective and I do like a challenge...

Your description helps a lot actually, as it does narrow it down quite a bit:

Dual bullets is a good clue.
Soft material, so it was silicone, jelly or rubber.
Was a dual vibrator, like a Rabbit, but with out the bunny ears (no animal) parts.
Clitoral part had pleasure nubs.

Here is one with a nubby clitoral part and dual bullets-

I actually only found one toy that met all your "clues", so it is going to be a difficult toy to replace.

I searched through 17 pages of rabbit vibrators online and found a few others, but either they didn't have the dual vibrators, or they didn't have the nubs on the clitoral part.

And, if that is not what she is looking for I encourage you to check out this store that I searched through.  It has the largest selection of sex toys online and you can narrow down your choices using the sidebar attributes:

I hope this helps.  If you have any further questions, or any other things that she remembers about her old toy that would help in the search, let me know.  But, I think the clues you gave were good, it is just likely that her toy was discontinued.

Happy Holidays!


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