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QUESTION: Hello.  I recently purchased a UR3 6 Inch Anal Starter in Blush ( for use as, well, a sort of "beginner" anal masturbation toy (strictly for anal masturbation, if that's useful information).  Have done a finger before and figured this would be a suitable step up from that.  I haven't had the chance to try it yet because 1. I've read that it's preferable to use a condom on a toy being used for anal stimulation just because it keeps things less unsanitary, and I haven't gotten around to getting any, and 2. I'm not sure how to adequately sanitize it before/after use.  It's a silicone gel, and everywhere I read says to boil silicone toys in water for 2 minutes or 3-5 minutes, depending in the source, to sanitize them, but, I mean, I live in this house with my parents and brother.  I can't exactly just walk out and start boiling my dildo like nothing's going on, so.

Would soap and water in the sink be sufficient (it'd be just regular bar soap, but I suppose I could purchase a specific kind if it's that big of a deal)?

Also, while I'm asking, would you happen to have any suggestions about removing lubricant from the rectum after using said item?  It's water-based, Astroglide Natural Liquid lubricant (  Do I just leave it in there or...?  Is that lube safe for anal play in the first place?

Thank you in advance for your time.

ANSWER: Hello Kyle,

These are all great questions.

First of all your toy is made of UR3, which is not silicone.  UR3 is one of those weird materials that is made up of many other chemical compounds that no-one quite knows what it is (except the manufacturer).  So, we don't know how body safe this material is, and it may leach out chemicals into the body.  Also, it is porous, which means bacteria can hide in the tiny pores of the material.  So, your safest bet is to use a condom with it absolutely.  There is no other way to stop this type of toy from getting bacteria in it, and if you want to use it more than once, then use a condom.  They are cheap and can be thrown away, while you may not want to do that with your toy.

Also, there is no way to truly sanitize this type of material either.  And, boiling is not recommended for UR3 as it may break the material down as it is not as strong or stable as silicone.  To clean it, you can wash it with mild soap and water and rinse very well. And, of course use a condom with it, so you don't have to worry about bacteria.

Yes, use lots of lube with anal play.  I prefer a water-based lube as it is more safe for the body than silicone, and you don't have to worry about douching or anything, it will simply absorb into your skin.  Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of Astroglide, even the so-called "natural" formula.  Here's why... It contains parabens which can irritate some people, and parabens can be cancer causing agents.

Please read my review of Astroglide Natural here-

If you want to get a great lube I suggest Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricant, or Hydra Glycerine Free Vegan Friendly Water Based Lube.  You can get both of them from -

And, again, if you use a good water based lube you don't have worry about leaving it in.  You will eliminate some of it when you use the bathroom naturally, and they rest will just absorb into your skin.

In the future, I would recommend getting a 100% pure silicone toy, as these are 100% body safe (no chemicals that can leach into your body) and you can sterilize them, so don't have to worry about using a condom.  But, feel free to use the toy you already have, just use a condom with it (non-lubricated) and use a good water based lubricant.

I hope that answers your questions for you.

Here are some more tips about anal play:

Happy Orgasms!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Wow I really appreciate such a quick response.  Thank you.

I see.  Didn't know any of that.  Package says a silicone-gel, so I just figured it was silicone and was non-porous (new to this stuff--was uninformed).  Was going to use a condom with it anyway, but still.

So can I even trust companies when their websites and such say that their toys are 100% silicone and safe for use?  It doesn't seem like any of these companies would tell the truth about their products, as it makes more sense, from a business standpoint, to just jump on the "natural" bandwagon for their lubes (the bottle of Astroglide Natural that I have here even says paraben-free), and make false claims about the safety of their toys, continuing to sell a number of them as "novelties" when they know people are using them in their bodies--did some reading after sending this question in and found this:

Interesting read and will definitely be much more cautious/wary when dealing with these kinds of things.  If there are any sites/companies that you know, for a complete fact, sell toys that are 100% safe to use (when used properly, of course), would very much appreciate knowing of them.

As for the lube, was surprised to read the article saying the Astroglide Natural has parabens in it, as my bottle from the local Walgreens here says paraben-free, so, unless they changed it since the writing of the article, they're just flat-out lying, which really makes me question the credibility of anything any of these companies say when one of the biggest in the industry is blatantly lying on the packaging of their product.  I read up on glycerins and parabens before purchasing any sort of lube for use with my then-girlfriend, which is why I sought out a 'natural' lube, free of either of those things (and I still use it for regular masturbation to this day), but, apparently, what I found isn't what it appears to be.

Very well.  Will definitely check those lubricants out.  Again, any other sites/companies you know to be trustworthy for lube would also be appreciated.

Nice to know that it's not a worry leaving the lubricant in my anus after use.  I'll obviously clean myself afterwards, but I can't really clean the inside very effectively.

Will definitely research more before I purchase something.  Like I said, it was my first ever sex toy purchase.  Have only used fingers so far and really really wanted to try something new.  But yeah will take all of these things into consideration from now on.  I suppose I'll at least give the toy I already have a try or two (with a condom of course), but will have to wait until I can get my hands on a better lubricant first, it seems.  Unfortunate wait.

Like I said, any other advice you may have on the subject, whether specific to my situation, or in-general, is very much appreciated.

Hello Kyle,

I really commend you for taking the time to research all this.  Most people don't, but as you can see it is very important.

It sounds like Astroglide did reformulate their Natural Lubes since I reviewed it. They actually were rather PO'd at me for giving it a negative review, but perhaps that inspired them to remove the parabens.  So, if it says paraben free, then it is.  Companies, especially lubricants, have to list their ingredients like cosmetics, because it goes on/in the body.  They are not allowed to lie.

Sex toys on the other hand are made "for novelty use only".  So, they get around the whole issue of it having to go in/on the body that way.  Doc Johnson makes UR3 and Sili-gel.  They say it is body safe.  However, if it is not 100% medical grade silicone I question its safety.  Many toy companies stopped putting phthalates in their products because of the controversy surrounding it.  But, there are still other toxic chemicals they do use in the production of their materials.  So, the bottom line, no you can't trust most of the companies out there making sex toys.  Many of them are manufactured in China, where quality and what they put into the toys is dubious at best.

So, the only materials that are 100% body safe & nonporous are: Silicone, ABS Plastic, Glass, Metal (Stainless Steel & Aluminum), Ceramic, & Porcelain.  Stay away from PVC, Jelly, Cyberskin, (anything "skin" like), UR3, TPR & TPE, and anything that is a silicone blend (not 100% silicone).  

Luckily, there are reputable companies who make body safe toys.  These include Tantus, Vixen Creations, Lelo, We-vibe, OhMiBod, Jimmyjane, Fun Factory, Vibratex, Aneros, Icon Brands, Nexus, Rocks Off Ltd, and several more I can't think of right away.  Look for 100% silicone, medical grade silicone, or platinum silicone when buying silicone toys.  Silicone is the best soft sex toy product. If a toy has a smell, like a shower curtain, then it is not silicone, but likely PVC.

So, I'd say you are safe to go ahead and use your toy with a condom.  Try the lube on your hand, or another body part and if you don't get any reaction within 24 hours, it should be safe to use.  However, I would invest in a really good lube when you can afford it.

Here is another article I wrote about toxins in sex toys, the various materials and which to avoid-

And, another one on toxins on lubes-

This is an excellent site to find out the toxins in any product like cosmetics, lubes, body products - and you can also look up ingredients there and find out how body safe it is.

Again, thanks for your questions!  I hope I have answered your questions so you are better educated about sex toys.  Most people don't know this stuff unless they study it, so that you didn't know is no fault of your own.  The sex toy industry doesn't want consumers to know about toxic toys or materials.

If you need anything else, let me know.

Happy Orgasms!

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