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QUESTION: Hello Donina,

I have a question about the eroscillator.
I read on the internet that the eroscillator is a real good toy for clitoral orgasms. For me it's very hard to reach orgasm manually, so I want to buy a vibrator. Is it true that the eroscillator is very easy to reach orgasm?

As I told, I can reach orgasm, but very hard. Manually I need about 45 minutes of stimulation. Will it go faster if I use the Eroscillator? Will my clit get sore? And what is the best way to use it?

I see that it's an expensive toy, but I need a good toy.


ANSWER: Hello Amber,

Thank you for your question!

Yes, the Eroscillator is a very good sex toy, excellent for clitoral stimulation, and is one of the most expensive toys on the market.  Is it worth it?  For someone who has a hard time reaching orgasm via manual stimulation, then yes.  Although, you could probably get there with other very good, less expensive vibrators as well.

Question for you...  Have you ever tried any vibrator before?  Because any half decent vibrator will bring you to orgasm much faster than trying to manually stimulate yourself.  It is actually pretty normal to take 30 minutes to an hour of manual stimulation to reach orgasm, whereas with a vibrator it could be anywhere from 2 minutes-30 minutes.

So, yes, excellent toy and it will cut your masturbation time considerably.  The extensions feature little spoons and nubbs that offer direct clitoral stimulation.  Plus it is powerful and won't give out like your hands/fingers will from exhaustion.  And, it will last as long as you need it too, because it plugs in, so can't run short on battery juice.

That said, there are many other great clitoral vibrations, much less in price that would still probably do the trick for you.  The Magic Wand is the most powerful and I don't know anyone who hasn't tried who can't orgasm with one.  It is around 35-50$$ depending on where you look.

Also, there are also several smaller wand type vibes, not quite as powerful as the Magic Wand, but smaller, and easier to handle.  Still great and pretty powerful and focuses on clitoral stimulation.

The difference between the Eroscillator and other "vibrators" it that the attachments move back & forth, rather than just vibrating.  This causes a different sensation, which some people feel is better than just plain vibration.  I find they both work well for me, they are just different.

If you haven't tried any vibrators before, let me know and I can give you a few more recommendations.  But if you really want the Eroscillator, then yes, I do recommend it as well.  Although, it is a bit pricy though for a first time vibe purchase.

Hope that helps!

Happy Orgasm :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Domina,

I have ever used a "pocket rocket", diddnt work very good for me.
It was pretty strong on my clit. The magic wand is also really strong right? I think I need something more smooth.

The money is not the problem for me, better to have a good and expescive toy.

Can you tell me how to use the eroscillator in the best way for the best result? Hope you can help me.


ANSWER: Hi Amber,

Thanks for your feedback.  That helps a lot.

Yes, the Magic Wand is strong.  So, if you found the pocket rocket too strong, the the Magic Wand will definitely be too much.

The Eroscillator has 3 settings: mild, medium, strong.  So you could start out with the lowest setting first and see how it feels.  Start slow, and rub a nice water based lubricant over your vulva with your fingertips, relax, take slow deeps breaths and just feel.  Get into your body and not your head.  Just be aware of how you feel, the sensations, and any thoughts (except erotic ones ;) let them float out of your head and focus again on the sensation.

Orgasm is 95% in the brain.  If we can't focus on erotic feelings, then we can't build desire and arousal in the body.  So, it is important to breath slowly and focus on sensation and let yourself be slowly turned on. Arousal is not a race, so don't try to force yourself to feel more, or rush it.

When you feel aroused, turn the Eroscellator on and just tease yourself starting on the outer vulva and lips, and going toward the clitoris slowly.  Notice how different parts of the vulva feels, some places are more sensitive than others.  Also, teasing with build up expectation with again helps build desire.

Once you get to the clit, rather than focusing right on it, circle around it.  Pretend it is a clock face, and slowly go around trying each time zone.  Pay attention to the area(s) where you get the most erotic stimulation from.  For most women, one side or the other has a sweet spot (usually 2 or 10 o'clock on the clock face/clitoris).  Once you find that spot, begin to focus on that.  If you find it too much go back to circling the clit, or rubbing your vulva.  Reapply lube if needed, as the lubricant will make everything feel much more sensual and erotic.

If it feels good and you can feel building arousal, continue to focus on your sweet spot.  Fantasize if that helps to build arousal.  Keep breathing slow and deep and begin thrusting or rocking your hips.  You can also take several short quick breaths (in and out very fast called fire orgasm breathing), and this will bring the arousal quickly through your body.  Massage other body parts, breasts, nipples if that arouses you as well, while you continue to stimulate the clitoris.

Continue thrusting, breathing, fantasizing and stimulating until you go over the edge.

There is no right or wrong or best way to use the Eroscillator, because we all feel stimulation differently and have different areas of the body that are sensitive to arousal.  The best way to learn what you like, is to just explore, try different things and see what feels best, then go with that.

That said, I prefer the two spoony shaped attachments and like to spoon them over my clitoris so I get stimulation from all sides.  Then I focus on my sweet spot.  I like the setting on high, but that may be too much for you.  I also find I have to fantasize a lot and massage other parts of my body to get to full orgasm.  Plus the breathing and thrusting the hip techniques help give me bigger, more powerful, longer orgasms.  They are Tantric techniques that many people use to prolong and extend orgasms.

I agree with you that it is important to have a good, quality toy.  The Eroscillator is an excellent clitoral toy and will last a long time, so I very good investment in your pleasure.  I think it is the right choice for you, as the low settings should no overpower you at all, and the spoon attachments allow you to stimulate the sides of the clit, without direct stimulation to the clit itself which can be overwhelming on sensitive clits.

So, I would say: "Go for it!"  I am sure once you start experimenting with it you will find the best way to orgasm with its help.

Hope that helps :)

Happy orgasms!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank for your quick reply.

You told something about prolong an orgasm. Is that a longer orgasm or is it teasing yourself before orgasm?
I've been trying to tease myself before I orgasm, but it's pretty hard to do. Maybe it's because I need much time to stimulate myself to get to the edge.
Is there a way to tease myself easy (with eroscillator or fingers)?

I heard that the orgasms are stronger if you tease yourself for awile.


Hello Amber,

Thank you for your question.

Prolonging orgasm means, when you reach orgasm, the orgasm lasts longer, and is often more powerful.  Usually, this happens once you reach just before orgasm and you back off to reduce arousal for a few minutes.  Then when you can stand it again you continue to stimulate.  You can do this several times and it will expand your orgasm when you finally allow yourself to have one.

Teasing could play in this, as you would tease yourself almost to orgasm, and them back off.  Teasing would be avoiding your most sensitive areas like the clitoris, and just circling around them, or backing away when you get to almost the peak of desire (just before orgasm).  It takes a lot of practice actually and is not easy to do.  But, just like riding a bike, it gets easier the more you practice over time.

So yes, the longer you tease yourself, usually the stronger the orgasm.  But if you are having trouble reaching orgasm, that might not be the case.  You would probably want to teach yourself how to orgasm easier, and then once you learn how to do that well, you would learn how to prolong it once you get there.

Other than your sweet spot and exploring the sensitive areas of arousal on your body yourself, I can't really answer if there is an easy way to tease yourself or make you orgasm.  This is something only you can learn yourself.  No-one can make you orgasm or help you orgasm, except you. It is something that each one of us has to learn for ourselves, and is not something we just know, or are born knowing how to do.  It takes a lot of practice and exploring of your body, sensations and ways to stimulate yourself.

So, my advice is to keep learning about female orgasms, and keep exploring your own body and what feels good.  Remember to try those tantra techniques as well.  They may sound silly (breathing and thrusting your hips), but they do work.  Also, squeezing and releasing your PC muscle helps build arousal for stronger orgasms as well.

Here is an article I wrote about female orgasms-

And, one about your PC muscle and why it helps with orgasms-

And, here is a great article about orgasms from

Hope these help!

Happy Orgasms,  

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