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I have a sex toy that I haven't used for a while. When I went to get it, I noticed some discoloration (a purple streak near the tip) on it. It is made of ABS plastic and has a PU coating. I had it stored with another toy made of the same material and one loose battery in a cloth bag. The battery is not very old and is not leaking. I can't tell if there is discoloration on the other toy because it is black.

I would like to know if this toy is still safe to use and what I could have done to prevent this if this is an issue. Also, are there any risks with using this type of material? It was advertised as non-phthalate but is that all I should avoid? Thank you for your time!

Hello Raquel,

Thank you for your question.

It sounds like some of the color from the black toy rubbed off on your plastic toy.  This can happen if you store sex toys together, especially with certain materials like silicone, PVC, elastomers, rubbers, etc...  So, yes you should always store sex toys separately (in zip lock plastic bags works best for me), and remove batteries as they can sometimes leak and ruin the toy.

Can you still use it? I would say yes.  ABS plastic is 100% body safe.  The discoloration is likely just a stain from the other toy, but plastic is non-porous so can't take on bacteria or chemicals from other toys.

And, yes, ABS plastic is safe to use.  The materials you have to worry about are rubbers, especially PVC (some still have phthalates and other chemical softeners in them which may be toxic), cyberskin and realistic materials, and elastomers (TPR/TPE) which are porous and can hold bacteria in them.

Silicone, glass, ceramic, ABS plastic, and are all 100% body safe.

Hope that answers your question.


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