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Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate remarks made by a doctor


Hi I recently visited a female doctor for a blood test to check if I was pregnant. She rolled her eyes when saw what my age was and asked why do i want a child at my age of 19. I went on to tell her that i have a child of 3yrs already and she rolled her eyes at me. She also went on to tell me that a urine test is just as good and went ahead. The test proved negative and then she wanted to do the blood test. She couldn't find a vein which i could clearly see and recommended i go to the lab for a result. I had to pay her for this visit but now i need to pay the lab also for blood test. I didnt like her attitude and she gave the impression of just being there for the sake to being there. Where can i report this attitude and who can i speak to as will now have to pay double

Hi Ingrid,

First of all, let me apologize for the late reply.  Apparently the website was having a problem sending the questions to the panel experts until yesterday.  

Inappropriate remarks by a physician can be addressed in a number of ways.  What I do not know from your scenario is whether or not this was in a hospital setting.  I worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital for years and there is a way for patients to address their concerns of this nature through patient relations and I can go into more of the procedure with that if you would like if this was in a hospital setting.  Otherwise, you can also address your concerns through the state board of hospital ethics or another body in your state that deals with these concerns.  If you let me know your state, I will tell you where to go for this information and how to proceed.  I need to know the state since all states have different reporting procedures.  Attitudes are hard to present to a board unless you have other witnesses, friends, or others you know who have experienced the same behavior but you should report this if you feel it needs to be reported since others may have and you would not know.  This way it would demonstrate a pattern of behavior.  


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