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My girlfriend is having an extremely rough time. She was sexually harassed while working at a non profit scholarship foundation that is located in Alabama. She was also verbally harassed by this same boss. When she decided to stop letting it go and informed the director of what was happening, she was told he was probably joking. About a month later she was fired. My question is, how to determine the actual number of employees, since EEOC only covers 15 or more. There are 5 total in the office. Does the unpaid Board of Directors count? The board of trustees? And what about the scholars that the foundation is putting through school? They are all told to list the foundation as an employment reference, and expected to be at events and help with setup and clean up. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Hi Jason,

Sorry for the delay but all experts just forwarded this to me.  What I would do first is to contact the EEOC Regional Offie in your area. Even though I have worked with the EEOC on many cases in the past, nonprofits and other private employers do have a different set of rules and they seem to be constantly changing.  That is why the EEOC asks for you to call to determine.  As far as your situation is concerned, it is definately sexual harassment if that is what occurred.  You should also investigate the state and local protections since many states do not have a restrictive number of employee rule.  If you let me know your county and state, I will get you to the right people.  Typically though the nonprofit would have to have paid workers to be considered in the 15 for EEOC purposes but as stated earlier it is best to call them.  I would recommend going to your state though anyway since they can file a joint complaint with the EEOC as well as their own.  State commissions have a lot more flexibility.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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