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Shade Gardens/Shaded Slope Under two large trees


Hi, can you recommend some plants that can be grown under two large trees on a slope? I do like plants with lots of different colors. Purple, blue, red, orange, pink.

I live in Southern California US, in Zone 10.

thank you

Hi Will

Sorry to be so tardy answering your question.  Give me a couple more days to do some research on this.  I'm in Scotland you see so I need to check the available plants. Thank you for your patience.


Hello again Will

Listed below are some plants for shade. I hope you find something to answer your needs.

Astilbe - Perennial. Feathery plumes of red, pink or white flowers rise above ferny leaves in

Clivia minata (Belgian Lily Bush) - Evergreen.  A showy bushy plant showing up to 20 yellow
         flowers per stem.  Has long pointed leaves.  A 'show off plant'.

Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny) - Perennial.  A spreading, ground hugging plant with small round
         light green leaves and yellow flowers.  This plant needs a bit of managing  
         as it can form very dense, widely spreading growth.

Geranium (Cranesbill) - Perennial.  This plant comes in a wide variety of forms and color,
         some are clump forming, others spread themselves around, all are trouble

Heucharella - Perennial. An interesting plant that has variegated leaves which come in many
         color combinations.  Spikes of small scented flowers appear in the spring.

Hosta - Perennial.  Another plant that comes in a variety of colors and forms - huge plants
         up to 2 feet high down to very small - less that 1 foot high.  Leaves can
         be dark green, blue-ish green, pale green, variegated (green with white or
         yellow edging). Spikes of white or blue flowers appear in summer. The only
         problem with this plant is its attractiveness to slugs!

Thalistrum (Meadow Rue) - Perennial.  A very attractive plant with lavender blue flowers in
         early summer above lacy leaves.

All these plants are readily available from garden centers or online.


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