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claudette wrote at 2013-07-20 19:37:20
I have 2 Azalea bushes planted in shade.  Both do very, very poorly. They are scrawny with few leaves and the NEVER, EVER bear flowers.  

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Kenneth Joergensen


I can answer questions about annuals, perennials, bulbs and grass for shade. I can help you choose the right plants, prepare the beds correctly, recommend watering practices, and propose solutions to that `dark boring corner`. I garden in zone6 and may not be able to answer all questions in higher gardening zones. Please specify your gardening zone (or location / zip code) when asking and include the nature of the shade (mature trees, buildings or fences, etc)


I am also an All expert advisor on the lawn care forum, the annual plant forum, the bulb forum, and the fertilizer forum.

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