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Shakespeare/Shakespeares's sonnet 29 need help with meter


Janice wrote at 2011-03-26 21:04:44
Actually, Shakespeare put two stresses besdie each other, Deaf and Heav (in heaven)to stick out on purpose as to enhance the feeling of anger and sadness he felt towards his cries going unheard.

He commonly changed from iambic to trochaic to put emphasis on words or give them a more natural sounding effect rather than di-Dum di-Dum all the time.

It was not a mistake but a poetic device, and his variation made the sonnet much better.

Also Shakespeare didn't always put 10 syllables everyline because it was obviously not a rule set in stone and if he felt that the line needed the word 'my' and did not jeopradize the sound of the beat/line he kept it.

In many of his sonnets there will be a line with 9 or 11 syllables because as it's known the theme/message comes before the structure in writing, so why would he take away from the theme if he didnt need to?

I just wanted to point out that Shakespeare didn't make a mistake, he obviously did it on purpose and there are many cases supporting this.  

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