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Shakespeare/Measure for Measure Monolofgue in ENGLISH


Hello, my name is Nelly.
I'm studying acting to get into drama school.
I have tried to look for the english version to the monologue for Measure for Measure, Isabella, Act 5, Scene 1.

I do not know exactly what EACH line means.
I would like you to help me to understand this piece.

Thank you
Hope to hear form you soon.

Monologue is below


Most strange! But yet most truly will I speak:

That Angelo’s forsworn, is it not strange?

That Angelo’s a murderer, is’t not strange?

That Angelo is an adulterous thief,

An hypocrite, a virgin-violator,

Is it not strange? And strange?


Nay, it is ten times strange.


It is not truer he is Angelo

Than this is all as true as it is strange;

Nay, it is ten times true, for truth is truth

To th’ end of reck’ning.


Away with her! Poor soul,

She speaks this in th’ infirmity of sense.


O Prince, I conjure thee, as thou believ’st

There is another comfort than this world,

That thou neglect me not, with that opinion

That I am touch’d with madness. Make not impossible

That which but seems unlike; ’tis not impossible

But one the wicked’st caitiff on the ground,

May seem as shy, as grave, as just, as absolute

As Angelo. Even so may Angelo,

In all his dressings, caracts, titles, forms,

Be an arch-villain. Believe it, royal Prince,

If he be less, he’s nothing, but he’s more,

Had I more name for badness.

Isab first lines explain that though the words she is about to say are unbelievably strange, they are true. She then lists angelos faults. After the duke shows doubt or at least agrees to the unbelievable nature of the accusations, isab reaffirms by saying essentially: if you believe that is angelo then you should believe the accusations. Then the duke accuses her of being insane or at least overwhelmed by emotion and she responds by saying essentially: if you fear for your soul do not dismiss me with that wrongful opinion that I am crazy (afterall she is driven to do gods work). She goes on to say: don't mischaractarize things (me or the possible as the impossible). She ends by essentially saying not everything is what it seems and if angelo is not all those things then he is nothing....and he's not nothing he's a whole lot....isab just isn't descriptive enough. Good luck


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