QUESTION: Hi I'd like to know what makes Shakespeare relevant to today's time?

ANSWER: Hi, Katy,

Thanks for calling upon "Allexperts" for a look at the relevancy of Shakespeare's works to modern times.

First let me apologize for the tardy response.  My previous internet service provider was not providing secure service so, for the past two days I have been in the process of switching to another provider.  I was not able to access my emails for a time and therefore I am catching up with all my email communications.

I must also state that your query sounds like it might be a homework question, since I would pose such a question to MY students.  I will assume it is NOT something YOU were assigned to answer.

MOST of Shakespeare's characters are similar to characters living in ALL ages - ALL times.  They are loving, angry, jealous, intelligent, ignorant, ambitious, foolish, and curious just as WE are.  They act and think like WE (ALL PEOPLE) might under similar circumstances.  
Shakespeare's magical (fairy) characters even act like humans, wanting love and playing tricks like mortals do.

The questions that Shakespeare's characters ask themselves (usually through soliloquies) are questions that we ALL consider before (or after) we act or speak.  Just as Shakespeare's characters, we ALL have good intentions AND cruel ones.  We make mistakes and do things correctly.  These are TIMELESS things. So, in reading (AND UNDERSTANDING) Shakespeare, we can observe human nature and perhaps live OUR lives better.  

I understand that I could write a BOOK detailing the value of reading Shakespeare, but I am too lazy to do that.  What I HAVE offered makes the point.

I hope that you can see my answer to your question in the statements I have offered.  People are ALL the same, in all times and places.  The language they speak may vary, and the clothes they wear may be unusual, but they ALL share similar dreams, and they ALL deal with life's challenges differently, AND similarly as well.

Happy trails,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: if you don't mind me asking , can you also tell me why Shakespeare is irrelevant  to today's time?

HI again, Katy,

I don't mind your asking, but I've just offered you several basic reasons I consider Shakespeare's works VERY RELEVANT to our modern world.

So---to answer your second question--Shakespeare is NOT irrelevant!

If this is a homework question and you have to offer a response to this second question too ==  I suggest you answer as I have.

Happy trails,



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