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Dear Randy

It is difficult to answer but still do you feel Romeo and Juliet is the best novel by Shakespeare among all his plays /stories?

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

Hi, Prashant.

Thank you for calling upon "Allexperts" for an opinion regarding Shakespeare"s BEST work.

You are VERY correct when you state that this is difficult to answer, because so many of his plays and poems are powerful and poignant.  I can very simply tell you that I do NOT consider Romeo and Juliet one of his TOP plays at all.  It is popular for its portrayal of family feuds and the power of young love, but it is sure;u NOT the BEST that Shakespeare had to offer.
MY personal favorite is A Midsummer Night's Dream.  It is MUCH easier to teach AND LEARN than Romeo and Juliet ans it features some VERY memorable characters too.  The Merchant of Venice is loaded with plots and memorable lines and characters.  King Lear is a play that teaches us the problems associated with growing old.  
Shakespeare's sonnets are very well written and a few of them are fantastic for their ability to capture the feeling of gaining, keeping, and losing love.  
Considering the VOLUME of Shakespeare"s work, it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to select ONE work as BEST!  
We all have different criteria by which to judge literature and YOUR choice is the one that matters most.  Mine fits me.

Good luck as you continue your study of Shakespeare's works.  You cannot go wrong no matter which one you choose to focus upon.

Happy trails,



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I`m a retired high school English teacher from central Wisconsin. I taught Shakespeare for years and am very familiar with his writing style, his themes, his sonnets, and most of his plays. I taught Julius Caesar, King Lear, Richard the Third, and A Midsummer Night`s Dream for years. I`ve memorized many of the lines from these plays and I know many sonnets by heart. I`d be glad to respond to questions regarding Shakespeare`s life, works, and times if anyone desired such information.


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