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Shakespeare/Hamlet Definitive Text Question


I've heard there's no definitive text for Hamlet because different versions were published?  Not super clear on that, but anyway, what I am wondering is whether there are sections of the play that are definitely the same across the board.  Specifically the "Rogue and Peasant Slave" soliloquy.  Are there variances there?  I am wondering because I am using a quote for something, and I want to make sure I get it right.  Most places I have found say, "He would drown the stage with tears," but I've heard it performed as "Drown the stage in tears".  Are both considered acceptable?  Thanks!

First Folio: "He would drowne the Stage in teares,"

Arden Version: "He would drown the stage with tears,"

There are many other versions: Oxford, Pelican etc.,

Any will work. Just make sure you cite the version you are working with.

I do not think there is a material difference between in and with.

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