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Shar-Peis/skin bumps oozing and bleeding


Our dog is half shar peis and other half lab.   He is 88 lbs.   He is 13 years old.   He started licking his
back legs to the point of removing the hair.   Now large growths have formed that ooze and now bleeding.    Earlier tired vinegar but then took him to the vet and they put him on prednisone 5 mg and cephalexin 500 mg caps twice a day.   they inserted a needle to get urine which is all right.   His blood was also all right.   His legs look so painful but he goes for his run daily.   He drinks a lot of
water and has a good appetite.    He now is starting to lick his chest areas.   
The vet bill is climbing now to over $500 and nothing is being accomplished for him.  I know he is old but up to now hasn't never had any problems.   What could possible be causing this.   It has been going on for months now.
Thank you for any kind of help

There are several things that this could be.  One is hypo-thyroidism.  Blood tests will tell you this.  But what I suspect, is possibly mucinosis.  This is a shar-pei problem where they produce too much mucin (the stuff in shar-pei that makes the wrinkles).  THis can sometimes go hand in hand with hypo-thyroidism too.  You can google "shar-pei mucinosis" and read and see if this may be what your dog's situation looks like.   Food allergies can cause this too, but I'm not so sure that is the case in your dog's situation.   Try googling this and if this is not what you think it is, you can contact Dr. Linda Tintle (google her website for her email address).  She is the leading vet in shar-pei issues and is always glad to help out when she can.

I truly do suspect mucinosis.  THere is no cure for it, but there are things you can use to treat it.  It's not painful for them, but if he is licking himself raw, that would be painful and the skin would be inflamed.

Allergies to substances such as carpet cleaner, laundry soap, or other external allergens are also possibilities.  These types of things are difficult because there are so many things that it can be, and one by one, they must be ruled out.

Please let me know how you do, and you can email me direct at if you'd like.  Good luck, and I hope you can get answers either from reading up about mucinosis, or emailing with Dr. Tintle.  Again, if you need me again, you can email me direct :)



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