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Shar-Peis/Shar-Pei itchy skin, and rash...possible food allergies


concerned wrote at 2016-02-01 08:15:06
I would encourage you to do an indepth research of the ingredients of the vet recommend diet. I have found more times than not that my pets do worse on these special diets. I have also found that the these pet foods have some forms of meat by-products. Its a lot of money to spend on poor quality ingredients. If  you do the research you will find that you don't want your pet eating this. The same goes for most store bought pet foods.

I agree with the person that said raw diet. Or at least homemade. Its  not hard or expensive to prepare your pets meals. Just do your research for a healthy diet. For me its no more work than I would do for my child.

I would also suggest if you are seeing the same vet time after time with poor results then perhaps another vet my have other ideas.

Good luck and again please research the pet food. If its not fit for humans to eat then why would we let our beloved pet eat it.


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