QUESTION: I would like to use some tango images found on the web, to place them into a YouTube video consisting of an audio track and still images. I have collected some images but I am not sure whether it is permissible to use them. Here three examples:

Generally speaking, how do I know when images such as these are freeware or shareware, or whatever? I don't want to infringe on copyrights.

ANSWER: Hello David.  Thank you for your question.  Images that are copyrighted will have watermarks, symbols or branded names across them.  If you find images that don't have these then you are pretty safe to use them.  

Steve Parker.
Shareware/Freeware Expert.

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QUESTION: Thanks. That would make it safe to use those type of images. But this one
appears to be on a page that requires paid downloads - or am I wrong? It doesn't
seem to have any watermark or symbol on it. According to what you say, this image is free to use.
Would you say that this image is safe to use without obtaining permission? Looking forward to your reply.

David.  You'll also be able to tell if a picture is free and downloadable by right clicking on it and see if there is a menu option that says "save image as".  The ones that cost money or are copyrighted will not have this option which you will find on some desktop wallpaper sites such as "Webshots".  
Hope this helps.



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I have a diploma from CDI College in Programming Analysis and Internet development.

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