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Hi. You don't have to reply to this comment. This is a follow-up on your recent reply regarding usage of internet images, where you state that they are basically safe if there is no watermark or visible copyright on it. I got this from a legal authority on the subject:
"Using images found on the internet is very risky. Watermark or no watermark, the image may be subject to copyright and using it without permission, permissible defense such as Fair Use, or the creation of a derivative work would be copyright infringement.

I can not comment as to whether or not any images you're choosing are "safe" due to ethical standards as a member of a state bar. However, I would caution against using images just because they don't have a watermark. Many images today have embedded tracking data. In addition, a watermark or copyright notice is not required to establish copyright rights.

YouTube has a very sophisticated DMCA takedown process and Google does not hesitate to remove content if a copyright holder makes the proper request. From that there maybe potential liability for damages if the copyright holder wishes to pursue further action."

Thank you for all that legal jumbo David.  I am not here as a lawyer and have had no training in any legal capacity.  I am just here to be an expert and advise on the logical stuff.  Judging by your persistence, maybe you should apply to be an expert on here.  Let's just say "use stuff off the internet at your own risk" and we'll call it even.   The same can be said about music, as long as it's for personal use and not for resale then in the comfort of your own home you should be able to use whatever images you want to.  
Thanks again and have a pleasant day.

Steve Parker.


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I have a diploma from CDI College in Programming Analysis and Internet development.

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