Hi Mr. Steve Parker,

I hope this question isn't too elementary to ask but could you help explain to me what is an app in regards to its use in a iphone, facebook, or browser?  

I have a hard time comprehending the difference between an app  and an website or webware(my understanding of webware is software such as word you don't have to download but can use on the internet).

Thank you very

Hi John.  An "APP" is the short form for Application.  An Application is something on a computer, cell phone or the internet that helps you accomplish something.  Webware is an application on a website that will help you post pictures, design a website or many more things.  An example of an application on a computer would be Windows Media Player or Adobe Reader.  On a cell phone an application could be a package of games or a store price scanner.  
Applications are made with several programming languages and trial or full versions can be purchased.  These are also known as Shareware and Freeware is obviously an application in which there is no cost for it.  The best place I usually refer to people for the downloading of both is  
I hope this helps.  

Steve Parker
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I have a diploma from CDI College in Programming Analysis and Internet development.

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