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Hello Sir,
I got this compact disc with a single music track that is too nice to my ears. I wanted to copy it so that I don't need to put in that disk everytime I feel like listening to it. So I proceed as follows:
1. Go to 'My Computer'
2. Right click on 'CD'
3. Choose 'Copy' from the menu
4. Paste it in some other folder.
6. A folder gets copied with the music files with size of just few KBs.
7. I try to play but am unable to do so, after I eject the disc.
I tried it many a times, but to no avail. Could you please tell me what else should I try?
Please help.

hi Waseem.  if the file is only a few kb's then that means it is in .CDA format which will not play as a copied file to your computer.  You need to go to and search for a program that converts .cda format to .wav or .mp3 format. there are many programs on that will achieve this.  You may also want to get a program that will rip a cd to your computer which will convert the files automatically.  Many media player programs have this feature built into them.  There is another program called CD ripper.  
I hope this helped.

Steve parker.  


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I have a diploma from CDI College in Programming Analysis and Internet development.

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