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QUESTION: Know any legit softwares for download youtube videos? My old computer had dvdvideosoft on it and ultimately the OS was destroyed and at some point will need to be reinstalled assuming the computer is in good enough shape. I don't mind paying for software. I just don't want anything with malware, spyware, or Trojans.

ANSWER: You can try the YTD video downloader. They have a free version and a pro version. When downloading it will ask if you want to install other software, just click no. If avalible do custom install, so you can see exactly what you are downloading.

Here is a link that campares youtube downloaders.

I hope this helps, thanks for the question

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QUESTION: What can you say about he legitimacy of this program? Who makes it? What country? Any known issues with it?

ANSWER: Not sure who makes it or from what country its from. I know this software has been around for a long time and that it works. Before recomending it to you, I tried it on my own computer, works like advertised. It does ask if you want to install weather agent, but all you have to do is simply say no.

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QUESTION: I went and go freemake video downloader from the wikipedia list and it put 120 malware items on my computer just like DVDvideosoft. Are all these types of programs inherently harmful to computers? I mean the odds of 2 programs listed right there on wikipedia both having viruses in it seems more than a coincidence.

Not really sure. I installed TYD Video converter on my computer with no problems. It did ask me if I wanted to install a weather agent and I said clicked no. I had it on my PC for about two weeks since you asked the question, and not one viruses or spyware has been on my PC.  


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