QUESTION: I recently visited the slysoft website to find it was taken down for legal reasons. Do you think this maybe temporary? Backing up ones DVDs should be legal?


It's now under red fox.

Their is also dvdfab

It's impossible to ban software that allows you to backup DVD's. The first software program was 321 studios. After a major lawsuit, they were forced to shut down. after they shut down 100 more programs popped up all over the place. It's the same with Napster or Limewire. It's impossible to stop. It's almost impossible to enforce companies that operate overseas.

The big movie producers have billions of dollars, so they hire the best attorneys money can buy.

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QUESTION: Can you recommend a good youtube downloader? Particularly an open source software that can be confirmed to having no malware?


You can download youtube videos without installing any software. I ran an inspection scan using Comodo Dragon Browser and it reported that the website is safe to use. The website does suggest that you down the save from net helper, but I wouldn't for obvious reasons.

Here is a website that will list even more websites you c an use.

You can also download Torch Browser.

I tried this and it works really well, a browser that allows you to download videos and torrents. I think this is the best option. Ill probably end up keeping it myself.


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