can you over feed a bottle fed lamb to the point that it comes back up and flows to the outside of the stomach forming two saddle bag looking things.  I am pretty sure its not bloat.

The simple answer is yes, you can overfeed/ bottle feed a lamb. I have never heard if it backflowing outside the linings of the stomachs.  If it is young lamb, I would make sure that it can "poop".  sometimes the mother does not clean them well and if the tail has not been cropped, then that sticky poo likes to seal the anus closed. Warm water and a delicate soap will clear the way.  The reason why I mention this, is that the side to side "saddle bags" sound more like gas trapped intestinally.

Try that and see if it works, it maybe due to your bottle feed regime that mama ewe has lost interest all together of this lamb.

Good luck.


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