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Robin wrote at 2013-06-05 03:55:39
Hey - Good news and bad news. We worked with Guy for just shy of 2 weeks, we FINALLY got him UP! He wobbled around like a drunkard for the first day, and the following 2 days found him getting sturdier and sturdier. Then he was almost playing again - and some predator jumped our 5ft electric fence, and I found him headless. I am so disgusted. Yes, he was eventually going to end up someones dinner, but until then, he would have been cared for and nurtured, and his death would have been gentle. I am so sad, and disappointed, and angry.  But I did want to let you know, that somehow he ALMOST made it.


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Kari Wempe


I can answer most questions about raising, breeding, feeding, showing,typical illnesses, pregnancy, birthing, bottle feeding,showing and sheering sheep. I have raised sheep for show and production for 20 years. The breeds of sheep I am most familier with are Crossbred, Suffolk, Hampshire- basically black face sheep. I deal with the classification of meat sheep over bred for wool sheep.


I have raised a flock of sheep for 20 years on our farm. Very involved in 4H, FFA aspects and their rules, jackpot shows, state, regional, county and local shows.

Experience is my best creditial however, I have a college education and have taught many classes ( in other catagories), so I am familiar in the ways of teaching others.

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Many breed awards- champion and grand champion awards in Kansas for the past 20 years, showmanship awards at local and state level in Kansas.

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