I'm new to the sheep, so i was wondering about the feed what should i be feeding them, and the pasture what kind of a pasture to grow for them during the summer and winter and what kind of vitamins and and minerals and if you have any tips that would be helpful and also how many sheep and lambs per acre thank you so much for your help and time

Welcome  to the world of sheep! Because your question is so broad, I suggest you google raising sheep or go to your local library and check out books on sheep raising.  A visit to a local producer will give you great advise on what feed they have been using.

There are good basics:
Keep them vaccinated for Overeating tetanus once a year
Keep fresh water available at all times
Have shelter and fencing for their protection
Keep rams separate ( out of sight of the ewes) until you start your breeding program
Gestation is five months, less 5 days
Keep fresh brome hay available
Trim hooves at regular intervals

We feed one pound of grain mixture ( alfalfa pellets, corn, vitamins, etc)per head, per day

Sheep are social and friendly (except rams- never turn your back on them, especially when they are in "breed mode". :)

Feed twice a day at the same time each day.  These are not goats, their systems are very delicate.  Make friends with a veterinarian who knows how to treat sheep.

Get involved in your local County extension service. They have wonderful literature for first timers like yourself and 4H'rs who raise sheep for a project.  They also have a tendency to have an inside scoop for who knows the best "tricks of the trade" in your area.

Have fun.



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