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Dear kari,

    Julie had a 3 month old cream colored Barbedo sheep living in her house ! It 'had to go', and I bought this bottle baby for $ 30. I put him out in the my field with my goats and chickens. NOW, what to do with it ? band it and raise it for a year ? Sell it to a 4H kid to show ? Find someone who needs a Barbedo ram ? I am a sucker for what looks like a good deal. I hope this doesn't turn out like the free baby elephants that the feed store was giving away one year. They sure made a lot of money off gullible Steve !!  

Thanks for your ideas and your time !

Southern Oklahoma Steve

Southern Oklahoma Steve,
Gosh, you are just another human who is a sucker for a cute face!! I am not familiar with the number of Barbedo sheep there are in the state.. it would interesting to find out.  There are quite a few in Texas, so that might be an option.  Checking with your local county 4H or extension office might give you some help.

If you want to keep it as a ram, I would seriously look at its structure to see if breeders would be interested in it moving forward.
This ram lamb might be quite the show stopper at a sheep show or county fair because of its fantasic markings but of course, unless you have a ram show, you would need to band it and show it as an AOB wether.

This breed is originally from the south (Carribean), so it should be fine in Oklahoma weather.  I certainly hope you all are done with tornados.

The choice is certainly yours. As it is a meat sheep, you would do fine to slaughter at the end of the show season... august or september.. whenever.

Crossbreeding would be interesting, but I am not sure it would be profitable.

Please remember that if you are graining the lamb, do not feed it goat feed. there is too much copper and you will make it very sick or kill it. You local Orschlen dealer has sheep feed. ( no promotion, it just a place that came to mind.)

Make friends with this little guy.  If your intent is to gift it to a 4H'r, I am sure it would be appreciated if you worked it a bit on halter. ( they learn quick, especially if there is a yummy reward, like a handfull of alfalfa!)



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