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Kari - yes, it's me again... with another issue. Our 2 bottle fed lambs were finally weaned (early) and have been out in the pasture. I have been working with them the whole time here on and off to reduce bloating - and nothing seems to be helping. They are just getting bigger and bigger.

We have done baking soda, electrolytes, massage, ginger, etc... and nothing seems to be reducing it. I am afraid for them. One of them is especially big, and has had issues the whole time we've had them. They were born in April.  Our nipples were not large, and we were very careful to pull the bottle and make them wait 10 seconds, for at least 3 times during each bottle. But Tinker still got bloated on and off. Now that they are just grass fed, the bloat is constant and getting worse and worse. Good gosh - I don't want to kill these girls by ignorance. These girls are supposed to be our "keeper" lambs, and I really don't want to lose them. Any help is appreciated.

ps - we did try to get Alkaseltzer Gold, as I saw on a website, but no one has it in stock, and I am not sure what that would do anyway. I just want to help these girls...

I will keep them penned in the morning, and just give them hay as I read from a previous posting. I am not sure how to give them yogurt, and don't understand what that would do for them anyway. Also, not sure how long to give them hay for, and how to get them back out to pasture. Nothing is working well and I am getting discouraged... lol gosh! poor things.

Good grief.  I totally missed this inquiry. I am so sorry. How are the lambs doing now?

I have been on the road for the past month - Washington DC to Denver and back. I have really been unavailable.. Now it is county fair time.  

Please accept my apologies. I hope all has worked out in your favor.

Blessings and Peace.



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I have raised a flock of sheep for 20 years on our farm. Very involved in 4H, FFA aspects and their rules, jackpot shows, state, regional, county and local shows.

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