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QUESTION: i have a nursing ewe that has bottle jaw and anemic really bad, what should i do, how to treat and what dewormers should i give the rest of the ewes and how often so this problem doesn't happen. thank you God Bless

ANSWER: Hello!
We have had a few lambs with bottle jaw, and it is something you need to see if your breeding program has anything to do with it or if it was just a fluke.  Feeding can be challenging.

As far as a dewormer, our best success was with Valbazen suspension liquid, twice a year.  2ccs will do the trick in the mouth. We use a syringe base ( obviously without the needle.)

I am concerned that your bottle jaw baby is anemic.  Please check the interior mouth to be sure your lamb is not cleft as well.

I would bolster the lamb with a B complex shot ( better appetite), you did not say whether the lamb had scours but if so, give it a couple of squirts of scour-halt ( its really for pigs, but it does a great job).  perhaps some sweet feed that has alfalfa pellets and molasses will help with weight gain.

Keep up the good work!!


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QUESTION: sorry i wasnt clear about the nursing ewe, i was trying to say its ewe that has 2 lambs nursing from her its an adult ewe. sorry about that. do i need to do anything diff tho

Sorry for the confusion.  But I would do everything the same, If she is producing enough milk for the twins,  I would definitely keep her well fed, especially a flake or two a day of alfalfa additionally.  That will help her increase her milk production.  If she is faltering with keeping up nursing, I would interject one to two bottle feedings a day to help her catch up.

Good luck.



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