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I was trimming the hooves of a ewe and accidently poked her with the trimmming tool.  There was bleeding, but the bleeding stopped after about 5 minutes.  Now her leg is swelling, she will not put any pressure on her leg.  It looks like she has an infection.  How can I treat this?

This happens from time to time.  Inspect the hoof and make sure there isn't anything that got into the wound.  If so, clean the area out with fresh water and peroxide.

If the swelling is around the hoof, the we know what we are dealing with. If it is beyond that, you may want to have a veterinarian intercede.

In the meantime, if you can get the ewe to do this, get a bucket of Epsom salts and water and soak her hoof every day for a few days. That should draw out the infection.

To back that up, give her some PenB-48 (penicillin# sub-q. Not knowing her size, I can't tell you how many CCs.  if she is an older,larger, mature ewe, 10 CCs every 3rd day will do her well. This should not exceed 3 injections.  If she is a show ewe, then make sure you keep the shots on the non-show side, generally under the skin # Sub q) behind her front leg in the side chest wall.  Rub the site carefully afterwards, to avoid the bump. Do not inject in the same site, if at all costs.

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