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tngal wrote at 2006-11-07 20:32:25
My male sheltie "Sammie Joe" will be 17 years old next month (Dec. 2006).  I was also wondering about the oldest sheltie.

Marti wrote at 2007-04-05 16:24:51
I used to show Shelties and I knew a lady in our club who had several at one time who were in their 20's.  One was 22!  She took really good care of them and had an excellent bloodline.

Dawn wrote at 2010-03-09 22:02:37
My Sheltie is now 16 years, 7 months, and still going.  I don't think she has a lot of time left though as Cushings disease is gradually decline her health.  She has been a great dog, and I can't believe I still have her after so many years!

Snicker's Mom wrote at 2010-03-20 18:19:34
I have a sheltie that is 16 years old and is also still very active.  He is a grouchy little dog who doesn't like being around my 3 others dogs, but I think it keeps him young.  His hearing and vision are fading, but he still runs around.  I have a 2 year old sheltie too, I hope she lives this long.  I feed them only dry dog food.  Lately the sensitive skin and stomach type (usually fish).  Only because it suits the other dogs better.  I keep him thin so he can stay active and still jump up on the couch or use the stairs.

Carol French wrote at 2010-07-31 21:25:29
Hi... my sheltie is 17yrs and 11 days old today, Sat, July 31st.  I have often wondered how many other shelties have lived this long.  She is of excellent pedigree with showdog ancestors.  Amber was born in Arlington TX, but now lives in FL with us.  She is not as active now as she used to be and does sleep a lot.  She seems to be getting weaker all the time now so I know she'll probably be going to Doggie Heaven in the near future.  Carol

Ross wrote at 2011-02-18 18:57:42
Our sheltie Buddy is 17 and in pretty good health considering his age ( and our Canadian winters!!) We got him as a puppy when my daughter, who turns 18 in June, was a baby. We are now trying to determine his exact age, which may be closer to 18. We are trying to determine if he may be the oldest living sheltie. Any info would be great. Thanks, Ross

Max's Dad wrote at 2011-07-05 09:38:57
Hello I'd like to introduce you to Max a/k/a Maxieboy, our Sheltie. He is 17 years young on July 4th 2011. Back in 1994 our son came running in the house and said some kids were going to throw this dog (Max) off the roof and he had saved him! He asked what he should do and we told him to bring Max home to our house. Max has been part of our family ever since. As far as what we feed Max, we feed him EVO Turkey and Chicken with a quarter can of merrick or country stew for a bit of savory flavor. Once in a while my wife bakes some chicken and boiled rice for Max and mixes it up (he absolutely loves it, Its like a chicken soup remedy for Max.)Don't forget a lotta love, something about when he sees one of us or knows were in the house with him he is happy. To make a long story short, Max has not only become a member of the family but another son to me. We spend every day together. Max has actually become my number one best friend in the whole wide world, the kids still call to see how he is (our son always asks if Max is ok)and the grandkids adore him. For his birthday I decided to let someone know just how blessed and special he is, my best friend for life, love you Maxieboy! See:

sheltie lover wrote at 2011-09-12 22:34:36
My sheltie is 17 years and 4 months.  We are amazed at how long she has been living.  She is still getting around but doesn't eat too much, kind of skinny now.  She can't get up stairs or ledges anymore and has occasional indoor accidents.  However, she has been apart of the family since I was 5 and she still shows moments of happiness.  

Her diet now consists of whatever she will eat, which is mostly soft people food.  She loves ice cream and pasta.  She stopped eating dog food a little after the age of 16.

My family swears she is only living off of love at this point.  About 3 years ago she was started on heart medication for a heart murmur.  Since she slowed down on eating we stopped the heart medication about 2 months ago, thinking she would just go in her sleep. But she has been doing even better off of the medication.  We will see how much longer she can go....

Dolly's mom wrote at 2015-01-11 21:11:10
/We had a little girl who was actually 18.  She was still able to get up and around and we communicated with her by clapping since she had gone deaf.  We had such a hard time making the sad decision to let go of her.  The vet said w'd know when it was time.  She had gotten so incontinent and at the last she would go and hide.  But when my husband told me she couldn't hold her head up while eating.. then we knew.  She was taken in and given a  "Christian" ceremony before the deed was done. When given the shot, she actually lasted about 2 min.  The vet said her little heart was also bad.  I am sure you can tell we still love her.  

ceemee wrote at 2015-05-12 06:21:03
5-11-15 The day after mothers day and I had to put my sheltie down because of a heart murmur dx on 1-11-15. Dottie was 17.5 years young. Even though she could not hear and had linited vision. She had the best of life and was given anything she wanted up to the last day of her life. She was very active until the first of 2015. It was so hard to say good bye to her. But she had quit eating and let me know it was time to go. She was even having potty accidents and scolded herself for them. As you can tell she was the love of my life!

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