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Poodle Mom wrote at 2007-09-27 11:38:34
I have a 5 year old standard poodle who started with a front leg limp and progressed to both hind legs in a period of a week.  In the meantime I had her groomer shave her legs. The vet thought it was arthritis, the groomer did not agree and suggested Lyme.  I took her for a second time to the vet and we put her on doxycycline.  The dog went from being at deaths door to almost normal after one day on the antibiotic.  Lyme disease is not pretty.  Our vet is running a full series test on all tick borne diseases.  Will get the results back on tomorrow.

Nessa wrote at 2007-11-28 18:18:54
My best guess would be Pano, although if it were it should have improved with the NSAIDS (deramaxx etc).   Elbow dysplasia will also cause a limp in the front limbs...

Majka wrote at 2010-08-09 13:38:24
This sounds like my dog's injury.. we are going through the same problem. We have had 2 x-rays done and nothing seems to be showing up. She can ran and play the limping shows up more when she's walking.. she now seems to be skipping when she walks.. My vet is going to be doing 2 more x-rays this wednesday. So hopefully he finds something cause she's only 18 months old. she's a valley bulldog.

I have been doing my own research and it could be a couple things.. Ask you vet if it could be the following:

1)OCD - Osteochondritis Dissecans

2)Bone Fragment - Arthoscopic Surgery - CT scan (FCR)

3) Elbow Dysplasia

4) Ligament Degeneration- patella (knee cap)

5) Panoestitus

It could be any of these. i will be asking my vet this wednesday regarding those.

Stephanie wrote at 2010-09-18 13:49:13
Hi Lora and Dave,

I have the same problem with my male sheltie. Front leg limp and I call him a lil hobbling sheltie. Vet is stumped as to why he has this limp. Can you tell me what ended up happening to your sheltie??

Thanks so much,


Lucy wrote at 2011-10-27 17:51:18
I have a 4 year old female Sheltie with the identical issues, identical treatments and no solution.  No signs of arthritis, no bone issues, etc.  I feel so bad that I cannot seem to do anything to help her.  Vet has suggested laser as a next step however they cannot exactly pinpoint where the issue is so I don't know how they can perform that treatment without knowing for certain.  She has actually been looked at by about 3 different vets and had acupuncture treatments which didn't really help.  

If I find any solution, I will post.  If anyone has any answers, I'd appreciate the information.



Eileen wrote at 2015-08-28 02:31:23
My nearly 3 year old sheltie also has shown increased limping over the  past 3 weeks. Xrays are normal, no arthritis, etc.  Vet thought it might be a soft tissue injury, but that usually gets better over time, so they are stumped.  Putting him on anti inflamatory and pain meds for 10 days to see if it has any effect while on it or when withdrawn.  Kills me to see him limping so bad.  Wish I had more info to help you. Next steep is orthopedic vet

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