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Was wanting to know what the best dry dog food is for this breed as well as what type treats are best for them. With they're under-bite I am very concerned about which texture of treat is best, can they have small milkbones, does the treat have to be soft in texture.Kyser (my baby's name) is what I would consider a minature or toy, not really sure, he was given to me at age 8 months and is now only 9 months, he was donated to a nursing home as their shared pet. He probably weighs some where in the range of 5-7 pounds and may stand at the shoulders about 8-11 inches, he is beautiful and I only want the best for him. Needless to say, he is spoiled rotten and my best friend. Thank you so much for your advice as well as your time. God Bless!!

So sorry for the delay ; great food brands ; Fromm's Gold or Blue Buffalo Lamb ;          also we use Nuvet Plus Supplements daily          (USE CODE 81098 FOR THE SPECIAL DISCOUNT PROGRAM )  1-800-474-7044          We also love fruitables from auggies          ( )

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