i chant the name of god i want to experience samadhi the commun with divine i heartly want it help

wjkk wjkf,

the state which you are longing for is the peak of spirituality, i myself have been trying for that and every true sikh should. before i answer you on that, i would like to know what religion you follow, what are your beliefs, knowledge and thoughts about god and religion and gurbani.
please reply me and then we can go further.

to start with chanting of gods name, is the like walking the path, be it hinduism, islam or sikhism. everyone can walk of there respective path and merge with divine.

in sikhism, the stage you want to reach, is called sachkhand. if you read japji sahib it tells us of five stages.
1. dharm khand--start of religion, following the basics.
2. gyan khand -- after reciting bani you start to get an idea of divine power
3. sarm khand -- its the realm of hard work, one have to meditate chant name of god.
4. karm khand -- your hard work start to pay, you become spiritually powerfull
5. sachkhand -- this is merging with divine, this state cannot be described by human.

i have one katha by gyani sant singh maskeen, its title is khanda da would answer your most questions. i would highly recommend it for you. you can find it on
if not..just tell me i would try to deliver it to you.

we can talk more on this if i can know more about your religious and spiritual thoughts
wjkk wjkf


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gurnish singh


i can answer queries regarding Sikh way of life, principles, meaning of gurbani and the spiritual aspect associated with it, also i have been studying other religions in comparative sense.


i have been born in sikh family, but not until i started to study scriptures and different books by sikh preachers that i truly started getting the very essence of Sikh religion. since then i always try to be a sikh, a learner. i am always in contact with sikh scholars.

nowhere yet, but i am working on a book.

i am a graduate engineer

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