Can you tell me some of the most important Sikh festivals?
I have also heard about the holy people of the Sikhism religion called Granthis can you tell me more about those

hii..and sat sri akal..
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regarding sikh festivals..the most important ones are following


VASAKHI - which marks birth of khalsa panth and begening of sikh new year .on vasakhi of 1699 ad guru gobind singh established khalsa panth / brotherhood in an very amazing manner.

DIWALI : this falls on same day as hindu festival of diwali but its celebrated for a different reason. 6th guru guru hargobind singh returned to amritsar from jail and with him he brought back 52 other hindu kings who were imprisoned by mughals. in golden temple and all other gurdwaras sikhs lit lamps and candles and fireworks to welcome guru hargobind singh.

HOLA MOHALLA : this festival was started by tenth guru, and it is held on next day of hindu festival of holi. anandpur sahib which hosts this festival is filled with pilgrims at the event when martial arts demonstrations are held around the historic area.
hola is the masculine name of hindu festival of holi and it has nothing to do with holi. its more of a war preparations and at this time mock fights were held by guru. two groups were made to demonstrate the martial skills and tenth guru would supervise the event. now this tradition is being followed by many gurdwaras around the world.

BIRTH DAY OF TEN GURU SAHIBS - celebrated all over, but with more enthusiasm in places of historic importance and relevance of particular guru sahib.

SAHIDI/ MARTYRDOM DAY OF GURU ARJAN SAHIB(5th guru) and GURU TEG BAHADUR SAHIB (9th guru) : if you need info on these two imp events, let me know i would reply you with more info on these



SHAHIDI/ MARTYRDOM  OF IMP SIKHS IN HISTORY : some names of imp being baba budha ji, baba banda singh bahadur, bhai mani singh, bhai mati das(in gurdwara near my home we are celebrating shahidi of bhai mati das on 9,10,11th of this month.its the biggest festival in our gurdwara sahib since its named after him)

there are few more such festivals..related necessarily with imp events in lives of prominent sikhs and guru sahibs. the pattern followed is mostly same, in gurdwara kirtan and religious lectures are held langar is made and sometimes martial arts shows and other such events are held.

now there are a few festivals celebrated by large number of sikhs, but are not sikh festivals.
1. rakshabandhan : its more like social festival and mostly hindus celebrate it, sister ties thread on his brothers right hand and he gives her gifts. brother vows to protect her sister on this occasion.

2. lohri: includes dancing around a bornfire, specially celebrated at birth of a male child by the family its a punjabi festival, but its not related to sikhism in any way. radical and hardline sikhs refrain from celebrating these festivals which are more hindu in nature. but a large majority of sikhs do celebrate them.


in simple language granthis are priests, word coming from those who read and preach guru granth sahib, holy guru of sikhs in word form.
if one want to become a granthi, he has to attend some college for religious education on meanings and pronunciation of gurbani. main colleges being the damdami taksal(most respected and ancient ) or  modern  colleges like sikh missionary colleges set up in different cities in punjab.

after getting degree from one of these colleges one works in a gurdwara and is paid by gurdwara management. thus granthis are mostly professional priests.

in a gurdwara apart from granthis, there are ragis(musicians and singers) and sevadars
granthis carry high respect because they are one who read and explain gurbani from guru granth sahib and considered to be scholars of sikh philosophy.

the first granthi of sikh religion was baba budha ji, when the fifth guru made first compilation of writings of four previous gurus, the first prakash and hukamnama was taken in golden temple amritsar. at this time 5th guru sat on floor and asked baba budha to read the hukam from the granth sahib.

i hope i have answered your query, if you want to discuss anything regarding this or any other topic please reply i would be more then happy to help you. and please do tell how much you already know about the subject, thus it would help me to start from right level.  


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