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Jane Yett wrote at 2010-08-30 07:01:48
Lewis Wise: In 1969 I had the pleasure of meeting Lewis Wise, while he was making a set of silver for us, a wonderful wedding gift from friends. Mr. Wise was a sweet, relaxed man, generous in showing us his technique, and letting us "help" make a spoon. At our request, he stamped his name onto the silver, along with "Porter Blanchard".

What I have of value is a full roll of photos of Lewis Wise at work, in a workshop full of wonderful old machinery, as he went through the phases of making a spoon. The photos give us a glimpse of Lewis Wise's personality, the shop and his methods.

I'd love to share the photos. I wonder who might want to publish or obtain the photos, and make them available to others, with a reasonable payment for my work (so often not afforded to photographers). The pictures cross more than 40 years, and bring to life a fine man and his craft. -- Jane Yett

Roxanne wrote at 2013-03-13 16:34:34

I am writing an article now for Silver Magazine and I would love these photographs if you still have them! I am Lewis Wise, niece Roxanne...also the granddaughter of Allan, and great granddaughter of Porter. It would be so lovely for our family to have those photos! Please let me know if you still have them!

Blessings on your day,


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