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Julie wrote at 2013-07-20 02:11:02
I have quite a few spoons in this pattern that belonged to my grandmother (1910-1980) marked WM Rogers & Son AA.  Closer to the actual spoon shape it is also marked PAT. MAR.13 23 so I am assuming the pattern was from 1923 but I couldn't find it listed in Replacements Ltd. website.

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I can help you with any questions related to sterling flatware. It would be helpful to include a picture and any marks found on the pieces that would indicate the maker of the item. I have the most knowledge in the field of sterling flatware but should also be able to help with other silver related items including coin silver. I can also give you an idea of what your items would be worth in scrap silver if you are looking to sell the items you have. I can also be contacted through my website


Hi, I am the owner of and have been in the sterling flatware business for 11 years. I buy and sell sterling online and at trade shows. I have the most knowledge in sterling flatware but also could answer questions with anything related to silver which would include coin silver items. I enjoy helping people identify family heirlooms and giving them some knowledge about the items they have.

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