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We found a silver spoon with A.J.Marshall Special. It's more like a serving spoon. It doesn't have any decorations on it. We have looked on several sites but haven't found any Marshall. We are hoping you may have some infomation. Thank you.


I received this from a "Janice" on 1/31/2013:

"My family owned the AJ Marshall Company, which sold restaurant equipment in Detroit, Michigan for many years.  Both my parents worked there, as did most other members of the family at the time.  It was started by my great-great-uncle Anthony J. Marshall with his nephews back in the 1800's."


Hi, Wendy.

I have no references that mention A. J. Marshall. Perhaps this was a retailer. It was common at one time for retailers to place their names on pieces made by other companies. Since it does not have the word, "Sterling", on it, I assume it is made of silver plate or stainless steel. If I am correct, it probably does not have much value.

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