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one small buckle
one small buckle  
QUESTION: Good Afternoon,
I have a belt that was given to me by my mother, it was given to her by an Aunt many years ago, all I know is that it has had the leather redone once years ago.
My 17 year old daughter has fallen in love with it and wanted to know about it,I searched the internet and found you :).
I will upload some photos so fingers crossed you can shed some light on this belt.

ANSWER: Hi, Cathy.

When I zoom in on the picture to try to see the marks better, they get too fuzzy. So, I can't quite say what we have here.

The marks appear to be British. From what I can see, the third mark might be a lion, the hallmark for sterling in Great Britain. The other marks could represent year of manufacture, city of manufacture, company or export mark.

Check this website to see what matches: .

Once you have reviewed it, feel free to contact me again.

Best wishes,


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QUESTION: Hi again,
I have had a closer look and the markings are EPNS .
My mother got it when she was about 16 she is now 80 and it was her Aunts before that so I think it must be over 100 years old.
I no longer have contact with my Mother so cant get anymore details.
I hope this helps in giving us some idea of its origin.
Kind Regards


"EPNS" stands for electroplated nickel silver, otherwise known as silver plate. Unfortunately, that is a very common mark and used by many companies over the years so I don't know who made it or when. One clue is the way the marks are stamped into the metal. That seems to be an older style of the late 19th and early 20th centuries but there's no guarantee. "EPNS" started appearing on pieces around the middle of the 19th century and has been in use ever since especially in North America and Great Britain.

Sorry I couldn't help.


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